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      Billy Madison reboot. Hollywood is so lazy

      I just saw this and I loved it. 😎

      Melissa rockz

      Aw… I feelt so bad for the one whit the dog toy in his mouth when they was going to remove the bullet. T-T Wanted to hug him. <3.

      Tell me she doesn’t look like Regina George!

      Game night is a D grade acted movie not funny at all.. apart from a couple of scenes...

      Fat Amy’s mother LOK

      THEYRE LITERALLY TRYING TO COPY “ i feel pretty “ !! 🥴

      This does not look funny, there’s a difference between silly and funny.

      Rotten tomatoes 🍅 being racist… Lol. Tomato Meter 25% Audience 54%

      Miley’s husband and Nick’s wife in the same movie, coincidence much????


      Any1 else gonna c me on Friday ( 2 days after it comes out) MN AMC SOUTHDALE MALL!!!!!!.

      It was a Great Movie

      Melissa’s other SERIOUS role looks better than THIS… why she keeps doing these comedy films is beyond me. Her range of acting is wider than comedic routines.

      I’m not a huge follower of Kevin or Tiffany, but i went to see this bcz i needed to kill time. This movie was pretty funny. I was actually surprised. I’d watch it again..
      actually looks entertaining
      Ms. Wilson is a National Treasure.


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