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    • Iceman Participant
      12.12.2018 at 03:39 #2519

      I do not did you guys even test balance or passives and heros there, even mains are bad.
      No one should, same level and same power, should one shot 2-3 characters in row with 1 skill.

      That is big issue and now here is problem:
      Main characters are broken, mostly fire mains.

      Make exact roles for characters, there should be main (earth) as tanker, fire for dots and cc, water/frost AOE CC and not almost every class to be wrong balanced and ofc with heros who are OP af.

      One more, shields on some mains and teams are too OP and full tanker party with fire main deals out more dmg than full buffed DPS team of earth main, if you think that is normal, then no wonder servers are empty.

      DMG over all should be nerfed, defense fixed, shield system should mean something.

      I am sure you did take info regarding similar browser MMO Naruto Online who really did made well PVP balance where gear and team means something, and where dmg of full buffed party was bigger and higher than tanker party with broken tankers.

      PS: Do not get it wrong, I like the game, just it needs to be edited/fixed with some balance.

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    • FirstMoon Participant
      12.12.2018 at 05:07 #2522

      its criticism does not make sense for some points, first, do not use base naruto because the game is not the same thing, at the beginning of game, the classes are rather unequal but are very dependent on the teams formed and other factors, for example the main water is good for pve, main wood for boss, but the factor is well balanced with high levels, maybe you did not get there to see.

      The game has many bugs, visual and mechanical and that yes it should be tidied up and there are more events and just that, tinkering with the mechanics now does not make sense and no matter how it is seen in some points, there is nothing to be corrected that does not can be bypassed by playing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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