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      Ellie Goulding song How long wil i love you is perfect match for this.. 
      Anyone know the cello playing in the beginning?
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      This film has everything! The actors are brilliant, the music is amazing, the screenplay and everything are jus gorgeous and this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! Just amazing and brilliant!! WATCH IT! ;D.
      Not a good movie. All of the characters were unlikable, and often their actions made no sense given the context and the motivations they claimed to have. Neither romantic nor comedic..
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      This Drama was my first Japanese Drama, although I did enjoy it I do feel that it could have been done WAY BETTER. the ending was so weird. they don’t even really end up together, she is still moving away to another city so they agree to just be in a long distance relationship or whatever. The best scene from this show is definitely when Hiroto is off for a smoke break after his friends wedding and then turns to look and realizes its him..
      The best movie u have ever watched in my life
      everybody talkin bout emotions n stuff and im just here like: THEY STOLE THIS QUOTE FROM BIOSHOCK!!
      love this
      Full Movie Just Only lovers
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      10/10 really hearttouching movie!,very recommended the story is so beautiful and really new
      Omg Wanna see this movie soo bad

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      finally found this movies,, thanks whoever uploaded,, if been searching this for almost 4 years
      doesnt this shit mess up the timeline?

      The Time Traveller’s With: The Sequel Starring: Bill Weasley, Davy Jones, and Regina George
      Just finished watching it. One of the best movies i’ve seen! 10^9/10
      This is not a rom-com fellas. The trailer makes it seem like the whole movie is about their relationship and that’s not true at all.

      Omg this is like the Hannah Montana episode lol
      Domhnall Gleeson is an amazing actor. Love it!
      Full+Movie+Just+Only+love hina

      very excited to watch this movie!
      First movie that made me cry.
      wow so this chick is in two time travel movie?
      The plot is a little all over the place but man, this movie made me blubber like a baby!
      should i read the book first or should i just watch the movie?..
      😭😭😭 So sad movie.

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      this movie is so good but…SPOILER ALERT:She wakes up at the end, and then the movie end…so disappointed
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      i read the book but i think i am gonna watch the movie too <3

      I’ve just finished seeing it; it moved me to tears; great work!
      This trailer kind of prepared me for the wrong kind of crying. SPOILER ALERT I thought I’d cry because he screwed up and caused the events of Mary meeting him and falling in love with him not to happen but I ended up crying for the Dad..
      So mia was the one in the hospital orrrr. I’m so confused
      one of the best movies ever, absolutely wonderful
      One of the Best Love Story Movie i ever watched in my life…cried too in between the movie, so much attached with the story…😅😍….
      the amount of tears cried in this movie………………… its so beautiful! bittersweet!. i wish i have a dad like his dad :(.
      They totally ruined quite a good novel. The movie could have been much much better.
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      still great in 2015 both the music and drama.
      Another time traveling movie starring Rachel McAdams. Was Time Travelers Wife any good.
      I wish they will make a second movie,&how Adam got famous and how Mia was able to go to Juilliard. Even though they separated ways they find a way back together!.I still wish that Gayle Foreman will make a third novel of how their relationship is going and what the media thinks about it. Finally,my last unanswered question is will Adam actually dropout of the band?.

      what’s the name of the song that starts at 1:57 ???

      (No)x3 this trailer doesn’t show, indeed, the lovely movie it is.

      I just watch it and it is a great movie

      Full+Movie+Just+Only+love song

      Chloe’s head is so round it’s like a ball

      Лучшая дорама!!!!

      looks like a Butterfly Effect movie… The main actor can go back to his past if he ever wants to… You can check it out.

      Great movie! A lot better than i expected it to be from the trailer. It also matched the book almost perfectly! Wonderful cast and a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait for Where She Went!.

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      Full Movie Just Only lovee

      This movie didn’t do well in my town and i dont know why I just watched it and this movie made me cry it was perfection and beautiful.

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