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      There’s not reason why they should end it so early the show has so much potential left…. D; .
      To those who puzzle why Chucky is so popular- people of my age grew up with creepy toys like My Buddy and Teddy Ruxpin, and Chucky resonates our feelings about such toys..
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      the show has lost its mojo..i’m so sad ..the first episode was dissapointing.they should have ended the show last year,then it would have a dignified ending

      So how the hell did this movies just come out in theaters today? But been out on netflix

      This make anyone esle feel lonely 😂

      I remember my first time

      Who else is scrolling down the comments while watching?

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      been a fan of chucky for a long times. after this movie, not anymore.
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      There fighting
      My mom says i can watch it but i can’t get a chucky doll ….. ……. Then i told her when i move out I’m gonna get a chucky doll and say you want to hold it😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
      And they call me sick Im actually souped for this movie
      Six Seasons and a Movie! WE CAN DO IT!
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      I’m a seriously huge fan of these movies I watched all of of the chucky movies
      can’t wait!!!!
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      You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen Will you be my girlfriend
      You know what they say .. you just can’t keep a good guy down..
      Loved the film. From a huge Rocky fan.
      Ew Jennifer Tilly. Go back to seed
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      Wait a minute chucky is a ginger he has no soul! Biggest plot hole😂😂. If you can’t tell im joking
      This was the worst of them all… god damn it what a horrible film. They really should have stopped after seed. and even then…
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      Final season? Fucking … Booooooooooo!
      YO WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT IMA BIG FAN OF CHUCKY (use to be scared of him when i was younger) I WANT TO WATCH THAT
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      Ok first Iam big fan of chucky series but that part was garbage why ok first low story second low graphics third the director wasint know what he doing with the movie if you wanna make another part pleas be careful for the story and graphics because in that case we will lost a big movie and it was soo good How with me in my opinion.
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      A true classic never goes out of style
      It’s terrible dont watch it and i love chucky so disappointed with this. I seen it on bootleg lol
      cmon now seriusly final its sooo soon too soon finish make it longer
      I’m gonna miss this show so badly! What am i gonna do now? No other show compares to Chuck!!!:(
      who came here after watching the movie
      Come to momma… Sounds a little awkward
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      I hated that he doesn’t have the battle wounds anymore. I loved that they kept his history. This movie and the last one sucked I dont consider it part of the series
      I will give it 7/10 rate

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      if u had 2 uplod the movie then do it completly full movie. sex scenes r missing. i m waiting 4 long time
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      Sexy so sexy
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      God damit, just put it into a metal Box and throw him into the Pacific Ocean.
      Where is Glenda and Tifani?

      😂😂😂 when it first start it had me dead he had went under water
      I bet in the next one Chucky will be going into space 😂😂
      @ARavingLooony Chuck season 2 starts on 5* on 31st Jan, and 5* is also available on freeview
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      I’ve probably watched this video like 10 times in a row
      For me this franchise ended at Childs play 3

      If anyone is wondering how to get the movies it’s on eBay
      Just saw this movie and it’s amazing wow


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