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    • s1.FulcanF Participant
      03.10.2018 at 00:26 #1321


      This F****** cancer needs to be seriously nerfed… those team set ups literary kill 1 enemy 1st turn while making it impossible to recover due to burn (67% healing reduction), hiding behind 27,000hp clone (at this stage of game) that cannot be chased so it makes it even harder to deal with , not to mention that the same 1st turn , 2 stunts are cast that deal 200% and 247% spell damage to the whole team, causing debuffs, etc. Oh forgot to mention a “casual” shield made by 60% of fire lords Spell DEF while reflecting 50% Fire lords Spell fire damage whenever the targets receive PHY damage… which in most cases 4 out 5 main characters can cause AOE damage in PHY which self-damages them for 60-70% of their hp , while causing little damage to the enemy team set up….
      Literary this is so ridiculous in PVP setting that its like as soon as you see that team , just instantly retreat because you cannot fight that cancer… its impossible… in “Battle of Yulin Street” this team is slaying opponents like its nothing… I’ve had to verse that same team 3 times in row… And surprise surprise, i was defeat by turn 3, after using 3 different team with crowd controlling or healing and result of that? Nothing…… That Fire team has literary no weakness… Try to single target focus any key members of that team? You cant … By the time you might be even able to take 1 enemy down you’re whole team is already gone at most having 1 member left who is usually at the back of team….

    • Nosferatu II(Patricia) Participant
      03.10.2018 at 21:53 #1328

      It does have a weakness shang at gold tier (lvl 70) his stunt removes all shields another counter silence main first round the reflect is still there but i cant use my combo you are complaining about it more than trying to find a way to beat it…. Water was op as fk when i was using brain dead auto attackers as you just incapacitate my main source of dmg round 1 and then i can do nothing so please fire main is not op and there is counters you just are not taking the time to figure it out ( or you dont want to have to counter my team bcuz you want your team to be the superior built either way it is getting old just complaining about fire all the time when they are all very good classes

    • 20392942 Participant
      09.10.2018 at 03:37 #1381

      Srsly you can really whine alot FulcanF but wait…..i dont see you whining when your faction vice leader is using that lineup

    • 20499821 Participant
      09.10.2018 at 03:50 #1382

      All losers on all games cry …get over it …you all should be more powerful than the rest of the server you are the only ones on every boss 24/7 so shoosh

    • s1.FulcanF Participant
      09.10.2018 at 04:12 #1386

      Ofc he is using it … after he seen it and prob lost it bilion times ofc his gonna use it…

    • 20392942 Participant
      09.10.2018 at 04:21 #1387

      lol so its ok if your faction ppl are using it but not ok that i came up with this lineup and stuck to it?double standard much? and i thought he claimed that he thought up that lineup?

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