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      DOWNLOADSTREAM Maria by Callas


      Maria c Callas was the greatest figure of the bel canto. Mike Wallace was a mediocre journalist. He appeared nosy and disrespectful.

      I can NOT wait !!!! So it will all over Europe on November ????

      My wife looked very much like her photo on thumbnail. Big beautiful eyes and large nose. She can’t sing for sh!t though.

      This movie touched me on so many levels, amazing work portraying the most spectacular woman of the century.

      Did this ever happen?

      MERCI À VOUS TOM !!!!!

      Absolute Diva. Thank you.

      There never was one like her and I doubt that there ever will be. She WAS opera.
      Una de las mejores cantantes de los tiempos

      You can’t just applaud a legend. So right she was!! I saw a final tour concert in Boston WITHOUT the indisposed di Stefano. After floating out onto the stage, she took the audience into her confidence, telling us how frightened she was to perform alone. Contrary to what was said here & elsewhere, that it was a failure, it (she!) was a total triumph. I wrote my first critical article on that concert, also painting what meeting her was like. It was published & that began one of my multiple careers. I loved, bled for her, & fought w those who said she was finished. If only I’d lived in France then! I’d have written requesting a visit, maybe even an interview. She was adorable w me in the Green Room, to boot! 😘.

      She was the best!
      LOVE this movie but it kind of paints Meneghini as this savior figure which is a bit much. Aristotle Onassis was a scumbag. That one lady is almost shocked that Maria wasn’t upset with Jackie Kennedy and that she was upset with Onassis…sounds like pretty well-placed anger to me..
      as we can see in this movie, her male friends couldn’t accept she was THE BEST and they were just figurants

      Gooosh! I only discover her through my lesson about opera music. I love her, attitude and talent ❣️
      Where is my double? NOBODY CAN DOUBLE CALLAS!! So true!

      I’ve read up a bit on Callas. Her life was as dramatic as the operas she starred in, if not more dramatic..
      Благодаря I Love
      Two women considered the best in their respective fields. Though I must say Montserrat Caballe’s Casta Diva is unbeatable.

      Aktiviere die KinoCheck-Notification ( ) und wir informieren dich immer sofort über Neuerscheinungen. 🔔
      can anybody tells me what Mr. Bing says about Callas being fired from the Met? I dont understand the last word: Maria Callas isn’t fired, Maria Callas is ..???.
      @ 1:22 what is this piece / opera? Just grabs your soul…

      She was amazing! A New Yorker after my own heart! Of course Aristotle Onassis preferred her over Jackie Kennedy… this woman was a real woman!
      I were casting an actress to play Callas, I think my first choice would be Aure Atika.

      Adore Maria Callas

      To miss her would be really a crime You’re damn right it would. Can’t wait to see this movie.
      I love the colorized Butterfly. amazing!
      I think Meryl Streep is great but she’s an actress not a musician so why are they talking about the greatest diva in the history of opera music ?
      Ever since I was little I loved her. Seeing her in color and in new videos is so exhilarating and at the same time so terribly sad. Sad because those of us who love her and her art, never got to see her on stage or in an interview on T.V. Callas was the stuff that Legends are made of. 🎈❤️.
      Its nice to see certain videos in color. Many of the clips I’ve seen previously were only in black and white.
      What a negative capture of Callas. Fat…fragile…demanding. I hate this film. The woman was a giantess. One of the greatest sopranos. That is what we are here for …to listen to her. Not these fat, grey old men’s negative comments..
      This is just another example how people (the media) likes to take someone apart ,especially a successful woman. It must be easy to undersand for anyone with some sense what it takes for Maria Callas to be who she has become , and yet people find it s easy to critisize..

      When she tried her to come back recitals she looks so thin and frail she was already failing preparing to die. And that’s called sad. La Divina gave her life blood to the ultimate art form. Mesmerised and deeply admired by many but no one truly understood her except that miserable Onassis before he died you keep calling my Maria you can let go of her she even got one this far getting pregnant and losing the child. Onassis son died in a plane crash that killed him. And Onassis killed Maria how sad they both were typical Greek tragedy..

      trump sings better than her…really..just ask him..he’ll tell you all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      Thank you for posting this documentary on the great Maria Callas, the Woman and the incredible Artist. I always loved her dramatic style. She was, after Caruso, the greatest Opera Star of the 20th Century..
      Callas, sencillamente maravillosa , nunca tendremos otra María, su voz es inigualable.
      Where are the photos of when she was fat? She was a great oprra siner even then.
      So tomorrow the movie will be out ! Where in the world !?? Where I watch it ??? Pls more info! 💐💐
      No one ever equaled with her artistry and beauty of voice.
      The Shonku Diaries: A Unicorn Adventure Free Online 720px megavideo Without Signing Up.
      Thanks to those Great Ladys. And thanks to. You Tom for your endless and relentless work on Maria Callas Legacy! Thanks for sharing!!!!!.
      Damn! I don’t watch a lot of biographical documentaries (very dry), but I will watch this one! Her own words & voice! A powerful woman
      Ugly husky harsh voice. That’s an objective observation.
      She’s the greatest artist of the 20th century, to me, the greatest. She’s in tune with something divine. True.
      I’m a novice re: opera, but I recognize the brilliance of this woman. One of a kind, for certain. —————–Wolfsky9, 72 y/o
      My Uncle’s Wife’s Sister…

      I wish the interviewed people were identified.

      La Divina. Callas has, in her own lifetime, reached legendary status as the greatest of all Divas and a true Monstre Sacre. Her voice was unmistakeable both for its flaws as well as its emotional intensity and her private life almost overshadowed her art. Hers is a tragic story. Ever dependent on men in her life for happiness and validation not as an artist but as a woman only to be betrayed by the love of her life and unable to overcome her pain, ultimately finding solace in death. Was she the greatest soprano ever? No. Tebaldi was technically superior, Sutherland had more control over her voice at the very top of her range, Caballe and Nielsen had more dramatic power but none are remembered nor revered as is Callas. Her performances were incomparable….her acting beyond anything seen in her day and only rarely seen since. Like Pavarotti, she became an icon in popular culture and that status has only grown in the 40 years since her passing. She is La Divina. She is and always will be Callas..

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