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      WATCH Los Sures


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      lived on the corner of South 2nd and Hooper in the 60’s and 70’s

      My aunt used to live in Williamsburg back in the 80’s. When we visited her, I couldn’t wait to get back to our apartment in Bed-Stuy, where things were safe. Lol. That should tell you something about how bad things were in Williamsburg back then. Now, no one can afford to live there, it’s so expensive..

      Born and raised in Williamsburg. I left in 1969 when it was still a beautiful community. I visited in 1984 and haven’t been back since..

      DAMN… rent for 300 ??? am i Missing something here ??.
      very deep and personal for me.

      Where can I watch the rest of the documentary

      Record-setting wind chills are possible in the Midwest later this week.

      My aunt had a apartment in Williamsburg back in the 80’s. When we visited her, I couldn’t wait to get back to our apartment in Bed-Stuy, where it was safe. Lol. That should tell you something about how bad things were in Williamsburg back then. Now, it’s too expensive to live in Williamsburg..
      Pickled Habanero Peppers Recipe. I have been doing some Pepper Pickling these days taking advantage that this is a great time of the year to get your hands on the best produce..
      Southside United H.D.F.C., better known as “Los Sures®,” is a community-based, non-profit organization that provides a multitude of much-needed services, including affordable housing development, Tenant and Community Organizing, and Social Services, including a..
      The guy who is speaking went by the street name flex..
      Itziar Barrio

      how can I watch to hole thing
      jeez, those girls at 1:07 are packing quite the trunk back there if you know what I mean..
      I grew up in 728 driggs ave on the corner of south 2nd. Hung out with the fellas on south 1st for years. Skelly shootouts graffiti cars and street fights all part of the south side culture. Even had good friends from north 8th and north 9th In the 80s 90s. Fun times. Ps 17 JHS 50.
      Yooo! 165 south 1st ,playin skelly ,kick the can,chinees handball,best childhood ever,p.s.84 live in P.R rio grande .70’s best time….
      The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) On 19 September 2016 Heads of State and Government came together for the first time ever at the global level within the UN General Assembly to discuss issues related to migration and refugees..
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      Closure (computer programming) – Wikipedia
      Could someone upload the whole video. I’m at the library to poor to pay for this. Suck when people class out Cinema to where the poor can’t even watch it..
      Now in days a Puerto Rican or black trying to show or do talent or do or show hobbies or hang out with friends in the corner or street just hanging out you get harassment from cops mean while it’s not a problem for a white person to do it I’ve seen white kids play basketball at 3am inside a dark park which is closed after dawn and no one around cops don’t bother but me and some friends went to just chill but not in the park cause we know can’t be there cause it’s close we hang out at the 24/7 hr pier we get stopped illegally trying to search us and ask questions for no reason also as well I was there doing my hobby which was 2 way radio cause I get good signal to a repeater which I was licensed for and they b asking 21 questions and asking if I had a gun permit blah blah blah then days later I go back just walking back home with a friend and he’s family we all get ticketed but this time for me being in the park but not hanging out just walking to the path that leads you to the pier but the Arabic’s inside the park don’t get ticket or kicked out plus we seen 2 spanish ppl in the cop car arrested cops protect only Arabic’s Chinese and white devils plus I guaranteed those white folks are the ones that sells heavy drugs in the streets and get you any connection or to buy heavy machine guns ect for example and the Arabic’s probably illegal and who knows they can b a organization of a crime you see cops are to busy bothering the wrong people a white clean guy can have the most bad ass crime for example a bank robber armed with ak47 tactical style or gov tax fraud or corruption ect ect on he’s record than a thug or a poor looking guy the Chinese are taking over and kicking everyone out are they bring their own kind in and they get away with it chinese are allow to be racist do you ever think a Chinese will hire you? Not in a million years in my area everyone getting kicked out chinese buying everything they even put a chinese Popeyes written in Chinese with all chinese workers people should do what we used to do back then protect our community and stick together.


      Global Compact for Migration | International.
      I was from South 5th between Hooper & Keap street #Brooklyn.
      1:20 I came from that block I remember when Tito brother got shot …...
      Syverson: What Determines Productivity? 327 it is small relative to the productivity varia-tion observed elsewhere. Chang-Tai Hsieh and Peter J. Klenow (2009), for example,.
      Hipsters would’ve never survived the original streets of Williamsburg during the 70’s and 80’s

      Bill Bailey – Limboland
      i got the orginal video on tape to this been having it for yearsssssss
      function – How do JavaScript closures work? -.
      does anybody know how to get this documentary? ANYBODY
      I grew up in the 1970s Los Sures. I remember being 10, and seeing the junkies (drug addicts, as they were called back then) shooting up on the hallway steps. Thank God for my dear Mother, Relatives, and Dear Friends that watched over me, and made sure I made it out of there… and on to the Life I enjoy today. I Love them all, even though they’ve passed on Bendicion )God Bless)..

      Amazing doc. Catch it a metrograph before its gone. Definitely worth seeing Old New York on the big screen.
      How would you explain JavaScript closures to someone with a knowledge of the concepts they consist of (for example functions, variables and the like), but does not understand closures themselves?..
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      S.I.P Feo and Flex born and raised in the Los Sures hanged out with them I was a member of the YOUNG UNKNOWN BIKERS for may year.
      In programming languages, a closure (also lexical closure or function closure) is a technique for implementing lexically scoped name binding in a language with first-class functions..


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