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      Brave spirit holders!

      Your fellows are the cornerstone of your battle rating, so it’s always important to improve them in time. From this guide you will learn how to grow a powerful fellow.

      Most improvements are go through fellows’ menu. Tap «Fellow» icon and select «Cultivate» to open recruits’ window. You can see four features on the left. Improving each of them brings your fellow an additional power and boosts the battle rating of your hero.

      1. Level-up

      Your fellows are raising along with your main character, so don’t forget to keep them in shape.

      There’re three kind of meal that fellows can eat: Pancake, Rice dumpling, Silk box (differs by the total EXP amount). Feed them to make them stronger and prepared for most dangerous battles!

      2. Star-up

      Check this option regularly to star-up your fellow in time. Every promotion casts a significant growth to the basic power attributes of your recruit. Collect more fellow fragments to star-up him faster.

      3. Upgrade Fellow

      Don’t forget to check if some of your fellows are ready to upgrade. Each upgrade endues your fellow with useful skills.

      That operation requires some basic resources which are quite easy to get. Most of them can be obtained from dungeons and daily quests.

      4. Karma

      Form a special battle squad to release Karma power. If certain fellows are in the battle formation, you can activate an additional attributes, that boosts your battle abilities significantly.

      And that’s all! Walking through the dangerous paths of Rakshasa street don’t forget to care about your faithful fellows and they’ll reciprocate you!

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