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      04.02.2019 at 14:25 #2865

      WATCH Man Divided


      I’ve never played Deus Ex but I will be picking up both Human Revolution and Mankind Divided after watching this trailer. Looks amazing.
      A movie that takes us away from the harshness of life, by showing us a story about the harshness of life… takes a deep breath What?.

      0:32 16 years later and they are still in Afghanistan…..
      illuminati confirmed.
      One of the all time best propaganda movie
      Typical jews
      Now that wasn’t just to generate hype. That was an actually great trailer.
      Dam! was that michelle? Time flies eh.
      It looks like a good movie but I hate movies that give away the entire story in the trailers!
      My favourite game of all time! Waiting for new DE coming out!
      Nothing more than depravity, guess the mentally challenged among us like this crap.

      Am here in 2019 to say BEST MOVIE OF 2018
      5 Years…
      should have fixed the charging and fights still the same old weak animations and moves.
      You ask me the movies is good she entitled to everything amen
      01:05 the real reason most people are here.

      This video needs better quality. Nice movie and sad too.

      The one thing I took from this? …Willem Dafoe played Gill in Finding Nemo…

      Money, Money only buys people you know that. In any shape way or form money onlly works on people. It does nothing else. So when anyone gets any money they do what with it? Buy things? From where? The fish out of the ocean? The fruit off trees? The metals in the ground? Then what? You get this stuff to eat for yourself then what? To give to people? You just give it away? Why would you have dug a hole to get the metal from the ground for? A Global goal to fix something that you get a meal and dwelling in exchange? Who is fixing? What are they fixing? Why are they fixing it? So say someone gave me 400M Then what? First you get a lot of unwanted attention, the media tears you apart like a pinyada hombre to get da juicy part in the middle amigo. Iz hoekey for other to break the seal as long as we get a slice right. Yeah I used to walk around the city thinking what would you do with it all? Why do it in the first place? There is a dark shocking truth behind those answers. A ridiculous, pathetic, sad reality at its core. So really what you would be getting instead of money is leverage over people. so who would you leverage? to do what? Here is where heads roll. To undo all the things that were done to get back to the starting line to then get the right things done. What are they? If I told YOU, I wouldnt be the one being offered 400M Capish? Comprende? What if I already spent it and as soon as it was offered its gone. What if I cut myself out of the deal but still got the results without the hassles? See the Australian courts turn on a broke man like he was a billionaire. That was something asnt it. We know the players now and their methods. Lock it in Eddie. screw your crowd, I dont have a phone and I dont gamble.

      I’ll pass on the tear-jerker movies – I want a third Fallen movie. C’mon Gerard – time to save the President again!.

      True story!

      Hey guys what’s up in this trailerAW MAN…

      Accident Man Download Torrent Streaming eng sub yesmovies

      1:06 Just look where Sarmatia province and you will find something very curios-Bosporus new location..i am pretty sure this is not where the Bosporus is ;)

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