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      watch@ stream Approach


      Still better than twilight!

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      Movie looks good to me, CGI and dialogue included. the repetition of “Identify…” sounds and feels creepy, which makes it more interesting to me. I’ll probably be using that phrase lots just because of this move, as well… so haters… Identify… LOL.

      Werter Herr Moser vielen Dank für die schönen Videos und die besten Wünsche für Ihren Ruhestand


      It actually looks pretty appealing, the dialogue and story look like shit, it sounds like every rehashed revenge of the robots story ever. I’m quite pleased with the CGI though, but CGI isn’t what matters if you can’t tell a good story. If a company was smart enough to write and develop a Sci-Fi film off of just about any of Isaac Asimov’s works, it might actually be successful rather than spewing the bullshit dialogue you see in this. Identify. Identify. Identify. gets old very quickly..

      How much would you pay to have Nic Cage repeating his famous bees line in this movie. Just imagine him talking to snowden and saying oh not the bees, they’re in my eyes, my eyes!

      When the whole movie plot is explained in the trailer 🙂 Thanks for saving me 2 hours I guess

      Viggo is amazing.

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      He looks nothing like Elton John


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      Data analyst, computer nerd, math geek, Knight of Transparency & Liberty. We all have a boring layer & an epic/bigger purpose layer to our lives. I’m loving that this movie is coming out! Aragorn spent most of his time walking through the woods, and trying to get some calories. Harry spent years practicing how to transfigure cups. Cups!! Snowden mostly sat behind a computer, typing. Boring and Epic layers, at the same time. I feel we all have those two layers. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the boring or mundane – but what’s the REAL story?.
      at least i know how it Ends .. americans are still cluless  while the rest of the world thinks snowden is a hero and is paranoid about the NSA.
      There’s only really TWO modern day pilots pilots in the world who are NOT famous because of an accident (Sulley, Eric Moody etc). John Hutchinson (Concorde) and Joe Moser. That’s pretty good company to keep..
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      ça va faire mal :D
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      Seems like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a Person of Interest!
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      I just saw this movie (10/19/2013) What a testimony builder. In a way I can relate I am a return missionary from the Australia Perth mission my companion and I where invited to an apartment once there and the door opened there where a lot of people there. My companion got (at the same time) a feeling of immanent danger, so we ran. I do not know what would have happened had we ignore it but I’m so grateful we did not stick around to find out..
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      Identify bouum bouum Identify Bouum Bouum Identify Bouuum
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      I LOVE Viggo Mortensen.
      Nick Cage…NOOOOO!!! LOL
      Drop that base every 2 seconds.
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      looks like they used all the Audio sounds files from the Battleship movie for this….
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      Cheesy video game-a-like garbage. This all CGI stuff is cheap. The premise has been done dozens of times already. If there ever even were some self aware super AI they’d not be these arachnid monsters with metallic voices. They’d conceal themselves perfectly..
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      reminds me of Black ops 3
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      If you see Sundance award … RUN LIKE HELL .. you know it’s gonna be BORING
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      Es ist ein Jammer,dass man alt werden muss…..auf der anderen Seite ist es auch ein Privileg….es ist Teil des Lebens und tut doch irgendwie weh…..Joe ist so ein toller Mensch,auch wenn ich ihn nicht persönlich kenne,er strahlt so viel Vertrauenswürdigkeit,Professionalität,Präzision und Charme aus……Joe du wirst im Himmel fehlen……Alles Liebe alles Gute.

      does the trailer have suspension?
      Now here is a true hero…Hahaha I can’t say that without laughing. what a joke, this guys a traitor and has no idea what he did nor does the general public..
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      Just a really dark version of Transformers
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      his acting in The Walk was amazing…cant wait to see this

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      Well everybody’s got some issues , lol
      Looks Interesting
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