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      ➟➜ STREAM Escapes ⬅⇦


      Love Beats Rhymes

      deff good movie

      I want to see Polaroid. It’s so far away too. August 25th. And Hex.

      wait… so Amos was in here before the Cant? no wonder he’s so… num…I mean… learned… I mean learned
      Worst . The Chinese actors nub. Damn i prefer the first escape plan
      The 2018 horror was boring but looks like great scary movies in 2019..
      i don’t know why i missed out on this, i guess because i’ve experienced several disappointments like Riddick (which turned me off towards the end), Ender’s Game (which turned me off in the very beginning), and Promised Land.
      Watched this movie coz of Tyron Woodley
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      Blu – Ray? … Come on now

      All these movies are wack!!!! Originality sure has died when are we holding the funeral??.

      Arnold : You can either die in here, or get to the choppa

      where’s Scofield?

      It’s really nice movie one if the best movies

      Fuck… the Escape Plan-2, I heat it mother Fucker. আমার ধোনের মুভি বানাইছো তোমরা, চুদির ভাই. আমার সময় নষ্ট করছো। But Escape Plan First Part is really nice Move.
      5:59 = Until Dawn: The Movie
      I loved this movie this is more original than other movies right now!
      I want Hardcore, Dubstep, Trap, Hardstyle and Big Room, please.
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      Bruce Willis was to busy? So, they bring Stallone back.

      These trailers ARE ads! Why are there ads on ads? We gotta stop this ad-on-ad crime, people.
      I don’t own a Blu-ray DVD player god dammit put it on DVD.
      i hope schwarzenegger says to stallone the get to the choppa line
      Watching these trailers in my bed with the lights out…and then getting up to pee was fun.

      Why did this not do better at the box office? Movie is good. An exciting thriller. Are people just not that interested in Stallone and Schwarzenegger anymore?.
      Annabelle who? MAKE WAY FOR ISABELLE
      The only reason I would watch Polaroid would be Madalane 😂
      Oh polaroid looks so cool! Do the people get trapped in the photos or what? I maight watch these when I get older.
      just watched this movie, it was actually really good, better than I expected!
      Sly just tryin to pay bills. Too bad he got paird with zero talent.

      The Muslims and Christians together in Prison
      waste movie i have ever seen
      This movie could help criminals to escape from prison
      2022 : google builds a prision for apple fanboys… made by an AI.
      Absolute dumpster fire of steaming crud
      I didn’t kill gamora she fell honestly
      Wow… Umm welp… Am I the only one who wasn’t scared by that?? Like, when are they gonna actually make GOOD horror films that don’t copy everything else 😂 if y’all liked these trailers then good for u, but ehh it wasn’t scary lol.
      You forgot you know actually good movies okay I’ll get you started keep Pet Semetary because I have hope for it but add I Happy Death Day 2U and US I’m not sure what else

      It is not better than the first one, but at the same time i cant say that it is horrible, this is awesome movie!

      Awesome movie

      At 6:44 I was like, What is wrong with white people!!??

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