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      Why would you think Jonathon knew her very well? He knew absolutely NOTHING her life in NYC except what she told him, he wasn’t THERE, they ran into each other after she moved back to CA. What makes you think he participated? Dylan KNEW her & threatened to sue if he was involved. Lou Reed KNEW her & said I read that script, it’s the worst piece of crap I’ve read in a long time…it’s amazing how low some people will stoop to make a buck & I KNEW Edie S. & Sienna is no Edie. Sorry..

      Eggsy the Eagle

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      If you like to watch Edie online, please share your opinion, you can do right now without registration.

      Eddie Murphy is one of the best comedian :D

      Wait…. is this the exact same story as Cool Runnings? >Guy Fails at Olympic sports >Guy Decides to try Winter Olympics >Guy finds disgraced coach >Tryout for Winter Olympics >Everyone laughs at him >Slowly gets better >Winter Olympics in Calgary (1988) >All eyes on him >Still fails.

      Edie Falco is ALWAYS so watchable…

      I love this movie it’s so beautiful

      @micalove I can’t wait to see it!

      i haven’t seen the movie. i can just see that she’s not as pretty as Edie. I wonder if Rachel McAdams could have done better? The similarity might be stronger there?.

      I can’t find the right commercial of this and I’ve been trying to figure out what the song is called. It’s not this one a different song played.

      Without Sign Up #Edie Watch Online Filmweb Watch On"line Goril`lavid…

      Watch Free Before Memory Part 1
      what’s the song? what’s the song people???
      It’s about time Eddie start actin again
      @lilic1 yes that’s truth but.. Sienna was amazing and also she has a similar face, Brittany had too big eyes and the face shape was not the same..
      Apparently Mr Church doesn’t have his own life to live. Oh Yessa Massa!!!!

      Whats the song at 0:27 ????
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      I know how girls get pregnant Charlotte broooooooo
      The only people who think this is a good/decent representation of Edie are people who knew nothing about her or have seen none of her movies PRIOR to Factory Girl. Since Guy was good, the costumes were good, but they totally failed on Edie, they should have made a movie called The Factory about the people & things that went on in the Factory, that would have been interesting without destroying the memory of someone who isn’t around & has no one to stand up for her!!!!!!.
      Does he perform magic for these white folks to?
      Yeah she did, but only because she gave me wrong directions! I was trying to get to Studio 54 and ended up in the Factory!
      This looks really good like it’s packed with the feels…I couldn’t imagine Eddy Murphy in a serious dramatic role like this and he delivers too!!! sign me up!!!.

      If the trailer had gone to credits at 1:12 , it would have been a good trailer, now, I know the whole plot of the movie.
      Had goosebumps great story like cool running if you want it hard enough youll get it
      The Carmilla Movie

      whats the name of the song at 0:29?

      Wtf Eddie Murphy looks just like he looked in Raw
      4/5 stars from me. The movie is a little short, about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, but acting was great and had some emotional moments. Good comeback for Eddie. Would recommend.
      FIVE STARS! A must for people who enjoy watching paint dry….
      I don’t get why u hate this movie! It’s definitely on my top 10 list! I love Edie … Don’t think this really sticks to the real thing but I loved it anyway.
      What happened to Eddie Murphy? We’re still waiting for that R rated comedy comeback!.
      PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System: Case.1 – Crime and Punishment Movie Streaming.
      Wow, Eddie Murphy in a serious role. Nice change.
      Edie Part 1 Edie with excellent audio/video quality and virus free interface.
      cool !!! LOL
      Thanks for the trailer. Now I’ve pretty much seen the whole movie just from this trailer.
      sad part is her daughter will probably see mr. church die and get buried abd she wont have a mr. church to watch over her

      Thanks to this trailer, i have no reason whatsoever to see this film, the whole god dam movie was in there
      all the movie in the trailer
      Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s — oh wait, wrong movie.

      This is probably the ending story of his career, that’s what he’s saying to us – family is what mattered the most to him. His success are not his films, but his family. That’s also a reason for 2:30 minutes spoiler, you don’t have to see the movie, just know that this is what matteres the most – family..

      On the website … movie youtube EDIE&Full&Movie,&2018&live&steam:&Watch&online Whose {Edie} Watch Edie Movie Online Free Download?
      that was extreme switch in the movie….like you watching 2 movies….
      the movie’s apparently already out. The consensus on IMDb is quite good, but not very favourable o Rotten Tomates. They somehow managed to put the currently only positive review there in the trailer! :D.

      NBC’S version of American Crime Story. Hope its good

      Loved it! Beautifully shot and amazing story <3
      the plot in these new wolverine movies is getting proper weird.
      movie sucked balls.
      Poison ivy trailer
      Eddie Murphy has always been a terrific actor.  I am definitely going to check this out..
      This looks class!
      I don’t get why this panned…Sienna Miller was amaaazing in this
      Awesome :)
      name song :25


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