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      06.02.2019 at 19:07 #3609

      WATCH Gotti


      Everyone commenting saying “gotti is the one who brought down the mob blah blah blah “ … Joe Bonanno brought down the mob … when Rudy Guliani read his book , Man of Honor , he realized that there was a mafia hierarchy which existed , making it a criminal organiZation which could be prosecuted through the RICO law .. then assembled a team which was able to bug EACH of the heads of the 5 families, even big Paul .. big Paul died before he was able to stand trial , but would have been put away with all the others – Tony ducks, cArmine Persico , Tony salerno, rusty rastelli… the mob was doomed before John Gotti was heard on tapes ….

      Hey Hollywood…enough with the remakes already.

      Do Crazy Rich Asians!

      knowing my dad, he probaly did had something to do with that guys deseperance.. is he for real..

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      The thing about Italian mobster movies there Italian but they don’t speak any italian
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      Everybody know that Bobby will body anybody Like Gotti did Gambino, from Maryland to Reno We know Tarantino a killer But the Young Sinatra got you by the neck
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      Good trailer! How about doing the other Moviepass movie, <I>American Animals?</i>
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      I guess Travolta didn’t learn from Battlefield Earth.

      damn i thought this would be about that one deez nuts vine

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      still no Honest Trailer for Dredd with Carl Urban? It’s destined for one

      armand assanti’s still holds up 20 yrs later
      Please say- “James- earlier you said ‘Meth Grandma’… Then you said ‘MethMa’… Then you said ‘MeeeMarth’… What’s next?…. ‘mmmmmMirth’”. (Make a dying man happy x)
      The next trailer better be Free Willy.
      Oh my Travolta!!!
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      Release date confirmed by Kevin Connolly on his instagram – June 15th!
      John Travolta is revolting. Horrible choice for this movie.
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      1996 Gotti with Assante and all that old school actors like Vincent Pastore, Tony Sirico, etc. looks much more convincing
      In the end it was more like, I’m gonna go get the soap get the soap. 😂🤣😂🤣


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