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      DOWNLOAD % WATCH The Gospel According to Andrй


      Beyonce 😲🦁🦁🦁 👑
      Love ANDRE !!!!!LOL
      i first noticed him from the warhol, halston, liza, bianca crowd, he is a warrior one of a kind survivor , of course he got a documentary ! his bio tell all were it is ?.
      I love it!!!!
      My goodness, that belly is shocking. He could barely walk. I hope Andre’s next move is serious weight loss. He’s too fabulous and accomplished to continue in such an unhealthy state..
      Please tell me the name of the first song on the trailer??
      d0 06ar
      Always have loved Andre. ❤️
      I don’t think Meghan is racist – she has a dark-skinned Bangladeshi adopted sister…
      He needs to take care of his health.
      Uh oh Andre on My 600 lb Life next season. Damn.
      vizio sb3851 d0
      A real friend would help him with his weight issue. We can dance around the fact that he’s a fashion icon….and that may be true, however. He needs to take a look at his weight. We want him to be around to help with the fashion industry. If he doesn’t get his weight under control, He won’t be anyone’s fashion icon. IJS…. d0 99 9

      osp20 d0

      Wow as a gay male he sure looks like a pretty female…I wonder when he will transition? Beautiful eyes..

      Thank God, And bring it on, I’ve been waiting on the other Gospels, John was such glorious work, keep it up the good work, Christ’s life needs to be seen and heard

      vizio e48 d0

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      I love Wendy Williams and all the years I lived in Staten Island I never got to see her show so now I have to get tickets and go see her. She is FABULOUS!.
      Damn Wendy tittys looks Enormous!!
      I wonder Why Andres body is in the state that it Is in. He speaks of Kayne needing a prayer Circle but he is in an industry Where much of that Is questionable but I guess there Is light & dark everywhere. But i like him And wish him well but physically he needs help. d0 99 2
      e55 d0
      I have got to see this documentary.
      Andre you are a rare Gem
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      99 dollar braces
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      SO EXTRA …. i love it….

      Lion King is great and all… But I grew up with Brother Bear.
      He is the epitome of fashion excess! Funny guy though.
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      vizio e55 d0
      He can barely walk and chose to wear 5,000 acres of a carpet?? :/
      I guess he’s allowed an obese pass, in a industry that basically wants anorexic models. Just seems a bit hypocritical to me. I do love him, but it’s always been on my mind. More power to you brother, but lets ease up on the models within your industry, who are starving themselves to death, at times, literally..
      pc3 10600e 9 10 d0
      Why does he have curtains wrapped around him?
      To be honest, I didn’t know he was alive
      Damn, this live action looks great. Wonder how they all of the real animals there?
      I can’t wait for this!! Our childhoods will be redeemed 😭😭😭 Bringing the family and friends!!🤣🤣
      This is straight out of the original can you guys show me how to make real life stuff
      Apes love bananas. (If you think what I wrote is racist. It is you who is racist.) The word association game tells more you. Than you will ever know.

      Andre, We need you…your fashion expertise and wisdom. Please take care of your health.

      to become this large you must have a thyroid problem

      So is he gay or bisexual 🤷‍♀️😒

      Anyone that can talk about haute couture and chitterlings in the same breathe is my people.
      Guys we gonna have to rewatch mufasa die but in 4k
      Criminally short shrifted at Vogue.
      When you have hollywood friends who cant keep it real
      He got where he got because he was black, he was the token at WWD, and than at Vogue , he never let them forget that To try and raise him up to being a fashion icon is ludicrous If he actually had talent, had taste, had smarts he would be heading his own multi million $$$ company today, instead he lives in the past, so grossly overweight he can hardly walk, he has a difficult time in showering ,looks very slovenly, covering up a 425lbs of blubber with a colorful tent, is not the answer and defintetly not fashion one wants to follow.

      Beautiful History. Love you, thank you.
      99 eyeglasses
      Andre is so fabulous! I will definitely be watching his documentary.
      d0 05ar

      the trailer give me goosebumps 🔥 Love the african vibes 👊🏽
      m65 d0
      Yes, a courageous man and a little simplistic.
      Diversity in fashion industry is slow….it’s more Liberal than Hollywood…that’s very telling…🧐
      pc2 5300u 555 12 d0
      Is it strange if I’m squeeling? I just loved the Gospel of John movie! And I just found out this is available and the other gospels are in the making! This is too good to be true!!. d0 99 5
      vizio m65 d0 review
      I NEED that Kaftan
      Was it the British or American embassy, man? 😂
      s2121w d0
      Wow I want that confidence
      I pray the film will be shown here in Atlanta!🙅🏿‍♂️❤️🔥💯😘😍

      More like the Lion King 3 3/4
      Like TheLionKing Comment Aladdin d0 99 3


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