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      In the bonus segment of the DVD of “True Crimes,” the actors and director struggled to explain the meaning of this strange drama.
      On the surface, the film was a thriller about the search for who killed Sadowsky with a zealous Polish detective seeking to reopen the cold case and solve it on his own. But on another level, the filmmakers appeared to have another goal that ventured into deep thinking about the nature of “truth” that turned into a muddled mess for the viewer to understand.
      One of the points made in the bonus track was that there exists “many sides to truth.” But instead of exploring different perspectives on a complex murder case, the film focused on a single perspective from the point of view of the detective, then pulled the rug out from under him (and the audience) by way of a gimmicky ending.
      Tadek (Jim Carrey) is the grizzled detective who pursues a case that was long shuttered by the police department. While his career took a nosedive for apparent ethical misconduct, Tadek is not deterred from getting involved so personally in the case that he sleeps with the mistress of the suspect, a weird writer of novels who appears to have difficulty in differentiating reality from fiction.
      The pace of the film is laborious with the cat-and-mouse game between Tadek and the disturbed writer Kozlov unfolding at a snail’s pace. Characters seemed to be endlessly opening and closing doors with little action. At one point, Tadek inexplicably enters the apartment of the mistress, voyeuristically observing the intimacies of the couple. The background on Tadek’s past was never made clear, especially his relationship with his long-suffering wife.
      At some point, the audience needed a reason to care about the characters and to become engaged in the drama. This never happened in a film that had philosophical pretensions that were never made clear right up to the moment of the trick ending..

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