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      →➝➞ WATCH Lost in the void ←⟸⟸


      Thanks Obama!
      Awesome film!
      Its Savior Jared!
      I have watched the hole movie it’s awesome
      i watched this movie last night and i actually enjoyed it. good film

      Great movie. Trailer spoils best parts though.
      surprisingly good movie
      This movie messed with my head
      This is probably one of the scariest movies I have ever watched but I do strongly recommend it. Just don’t watch it alone😭
      God why is Juliana Harkavy so hot? More films where she’s playing a cop please
      She died at the end ! THE END !
      General Breckinridge, Gentlemen!  I am about to grind the seed corn of the Confederacey.  Send the boys in and may God forgive me for the order!
      Don’t watch it, seriously, like @TheRealRidz said, it’s cancer, dont waste your time on this.
      omg i’ve seen so much horror movies the past few years and since insidious this is the only one which scared me a lot!!! like i couldn’t sleep last night 😀 i trink it works good if you think it’s spooky to be in a place all alone and if you understand how much it could mean to a person to make your parents proud of you 😛 so glad that i watched this one :D.

      Where’s Napoleon Wilson when you need him?


      Passed by Censor

      Who won at the end??

      Wow feels like I saw the trailer of Silent Hill 4 The Room

      This movie was surprisingly very good.

      Because, you know, it’s not like police have guns to defend themselves or anything…

      The police girl should’ve left that station while she had the chance I didn’t get the ending tho the own captain taking her out.

      I actually really enjoyed this movie!

      The thumb nail looks like Clown from Slipknot 🤡🤡🤘🤘

      The Best We Can Watch Online Online Now openload.

      This movie was great, a few jumbscares that were good and really enjoyable. I was surprised tbh, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.

      This is by far one of my favorite movies. Not on the same level as Gods and Generals or Gettysburg for sure, but still a great movie about a little known story that took place during a not-so-famous battle. P.S. The cadets of VMI reenact the cadets’ charge every year..

      I came here because it’s got a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes
      Watched this in english and cringed so much when joe broke his leg
      the police girl die in the end
      Sigh… I have to stop reading comments expecting other’s opinions to reflect my own. Aside from the new IT, I have yet to see a great horror movie of late. This was OK, with a personal score of 4 out of 10 stars. Jump scares, but once it’s over it’s forgotten about… ZERO lingering fear, which in my opinion is what makes a GREAT movie. When you’re in your basement and your heart skips a beat because you remember that scene….
      Jacob’s Ladder Influences
      The will to Live
      Came here from Netflix and now I’m currently watching
      Fuduu trailer
      This movie was desent. Watch it.
      lol everything about this film looks so bad honestly

      de pelossss

      Id rather sleep.
      Looking forward for this one
      امجد شفته لا يونك
      Surprisingly well done. Go watch it!

      2:03 looks like a little bit David Guetta 😱😂
      Meh, this movie is okay. Good scares but meh acting, characters, and weird ending. I give it a 5/10
      Who came here just because Alfie deyes was talking about it 😂😍

      its a pretty good film. lead actress is decent. setup is good. it makes good use of the setting. the ending was very lazy which was a shame but a lot better than some reviews.
      Alguien puede explicarme el final?? Es como lo digo en el SPOILER? —- SPOILER—–> — La chica fallece por el disparo del policía, y ella ve su muerte como que finalmente los malos se la llevan¿.

      Basic, generic, boring and nothing that already hasn’t been done before
      I almost shit myself and I ran away from the Laptop 30 times unexpected scenes unexpected stuff with a super scary story and characters.
      For a split second when i saw the thumb nail from the corner of my eye i thought the title was lost my shit 
      SPOILER ALERT!!!! its the HASH-SLINGING-SLASHER!!!!!!! lol really thought the movie is a beefed up version of it. great film,I liked it but the last ten minutes of the film was lazy. it was an ok ending but not a good one. could have been better. the actress in it was very good. she has potential. It keeps you guessing. I watched it first and then came to watch the trailer and it gives too much away. plus it doesn’t set up the movie properly in my opinion. I do have to say ( about the ending agian ) they left things a little unknown. they could have atleast tied up a few ends. but I digress. great movie. ending was acceptable, could have been better..
      Song name?


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