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    • FirstMoon Participant
      30.10.2018 at 18:01 #2072

      Keymaster say:

      We’ve reported this letter to the Devs. It seems, that we can’t send «Mystery of Skydevourer» as a gift. That’s the reason you can’t collect other stuff.
      I cannot promise the gifts from first letter become available once the Devs fix the issue. Most likely the letter will be removed or become outdated.

    • Laam Participant
      31.10.2018 at 17:10 #2104

      Please, just collect another letter we’ve sent right after the first one.

    • 20707412 Participant
      05.11.2018 at 02:48 #2208

      i also had trouble to collect my rewards in mail. i already send a menssage, but seems no body care

    • Laam Participant
      06.11.2018 at 15:15 #2280

      20675743, 20707412 , please, check the earlier answers in this topic.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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