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      28.10.2019 at 03:01 #27431

      After the latest patches the game is not registering sell commands on excess hero fragments, even if the hero in question is 5-star. Attempting to sell frags from a hero under 5-star now gives a message that they cannot be sold unless they are 5-star, which, sure, ok. But we are at this time unable to sell any fragments at all, which does not seem to be working as intended since we’re clearly meant to be able to if the hero is 5-star. This needs a fix ASAP since that makes catching up all but impossible for B-tier and middle-tier players – REGARDLESS how much real money they spend – since that is such a big chunk of their B-ingot income. This is going to chase your remaining players from the game if it goes unfixed. Thanks in advance for getting a solution inbound.

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