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      You could really feel the terror he was experiencing as the realisation dawned on him, superbly crafted and well acted scene. RIP Roddy

      At the end of Alice through the looking glass, Time says: They say time is friends with no one, but I’ll always remember you Alice. But how then to explain the strange relation between the red Queen and Time ?.

      Who else was seeing if there were mobile trailers made out of glass?
      Did anyone else cry in this scene

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      So this is Alex before Kara came along?

      well if y’all let Hillary Clinton then this will mean something to you..

      The Jews I mean the Aliens were on to him..

      there’s just too much going on in this trailer for me to actually enjoy it.

      The trailers made the movie look really awesome, and not that it wasn’t good, but it just seemed a little childish. And yes I KNOW It’s supposed to have a certain amount of childishness to it, but it just didn’t have the same touch of darkness as the first one and the plot wasn’t as strong as the first one either. Maybe if it was directed by Tim Burton again it would’ve been a little better. Just not what I was expecting.
      (((They))) :3
      Kevin was 👏 awesome
      Hey….Julian has no drink.
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      interesting fact! the opening shots of the ‘institution’ Alice escapes from at the beginning were filmed in my old art school at Holborn. the fact that it doubles up as a mental institution so well should bother me more :S.
      Finde es klasse, dass nach Split weitergemacht wurde..
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      Ceeheer, now I know where I saw this Actor, Wrestling. This all started in Babylon, paper money banking, that is..
      Ima still watching this in 2018
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      her poor mind momentarily crashes and the men in this scene help her put her heart back together again! This part of this movie is a good example of MEN being warm and supportive of a young girl’s hardship of her best friend no longer being among the living!.

      I like when cuz open there car door welcome to the hood!and lil MAN GET YOUR MANSha ha ha I still watch this movie.

      The only thing I am skeptical about is Willis. Lately he seems like he’s bored, or uninterested in his roles, pulling in many bland performances. He just seems so fed up with acting, just seeking paycheck work. I hope he pulls through, and makes this an astonishing acting trio, rather than duo..

      perfekt dass spmit auf prime momentan verfügbar ist

      I thought Alice in Wonderland (the cartoon) was scary so I didn’t watch the first live version until this year because a friend sort of forced me too. Within 2 minutes of the movie, I was completely into it. I have become obsessed recently and watched the original again and thought it marvelous. I’m about to watch this one, and I have the best expectations of it!.
      I’m so hyped for this movie
      I think it’s lyk the movie she’s all that
      some day piper will get the oscar he deserves for this movie

      dammit Moriarty this is where you have been hidding?!?!?!!!
      Download Torrent The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Full Movie Mojo.

      It’s the Bubbles show now for sure! Not the TPB!
      Mike Smith is the David Bowie of comedy.
      Boah lange nicht mehr auf ein Film gefreut wie auf diesen… Unbreakable + Split = Glass
      As a kid, I loved this movie. As an adult I see the message and how it has so much truth behind it.
      is there a list of all the words somewhere? I would really like to compare them. also the quality is not high enough to read all the covers of the magazines. there seems to be a lot of different sentences..

      what is a brrip movie

      They shot the first season in a trailer park right down the road from me. They rented my cousins trailer for Lucy’s trailer. A lot of my friends lived in that park. Woodbine Trailer Park in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Canada..
      I can imagine some of the fans being confused that they’re characters aren’t the real them…as if they could even work professionally if they were like that….
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      I guess I’m gonna watch Split and Unbreakable!
      Even if I was perfectly sane, I wouldn’t consider running if my doctor was bloody Moriarty. GODDAMN ANDREW
      tickle the belly

      These movies are works of art. The only superhero movies worth watching.
      “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.”.
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      I remember J-roc say why are you sucking your teeth at me..when that show was put on Netflix I watch them all.When I’m down I watch them all the actors was good in my opinion...
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      I can watch this time after time and still die laugh like it was the first time I watched it! Good movie!.
      bring em out bring em out😂😂😂
      Ahh, the Hoffman lenses. LSD.
      This scene gets me every time😭
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      Everyone who knows me calls me the Cheshire cat. I don’t blame them I’m entirely bonkers.🙃
      Face 2 Face Watch PutLocker gomovies
      I am the liquor Randy Bo Bo Banders

      4:18 did anyone else hear that? hahahaha


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