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      like leonardo

      Isn’t it crazy that you can become a serial killer and kill innocent people and a decade later someone will reward you with your own movie…. imagine being one of the victims family looking at this…..
      I’m severely uncomfortable.

      This comment section is gold and I want to see this movie so bad
      He looks like jack from titanic
      So am I the only one who finds him more hotter than Cole?
      When are we getting one about Ted Bundy and other serial killers. And then have a movie where they all team up for mega serial killings, like the Avengers.
      so this is what happened when ally left
      I’m ross lynch and you’re watching disney channel 2 years ago vs. now I’m jeffrey dahmer here is my story and you’re watching dateline.

      Ross Lynch as Austin Moon < Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer

      better watch

      Well dahmer was so much different and much more cruel

      I didn’t even recognize him until I read the name its good that he`s taking more serious roles getting out of Disney shadow and be coning a more serious actor I look forward to seeing him in more stuff like this.

      Whoever is wondering…it’s Dylan Sprouse (Zack) check the description box 📦 😂❤️

      Both of boys are becoming so….. Edgy. In a really hot way.

      Austin without Ally
      better watch out مترجم
      When you’ve just ran out of ideas … what’s next a movie about a kid who gets revenge on the teacher who made him READ infront Of the entire class 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

      iced out mk watch
      better watch out movie trailer
      I watched this on a website on my phone and it was hands down the best movie Ive ever seen! I honestly cannot stress how good this film is, there’s a MAJOR plot twist that impacts you, too!.
      Did anyone here watch chicago pd…because the go who plays dahmer’s dad in this movie was also a serial killer on that show.

      Movie is great if you ask me im 12 as well

      better watch out movie

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      As soon as it said based on the graphic novel I realised he was the school shooter
      Ross lynch
      me when my teacher doesnt give me the mark i want
      Better Watch outil

      Jeffry dahmer was a real life serial killer he had a documentary search it up


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