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      ➠➟➞ WATCH , DOWNLOAD Bending the Arc ⟵⇦⬅


      oh my gosh i just noticed that egg in the beginning was a hatched one and a baby wyvern looked at the player.. that was so damn cute!

      DLC before they finish the game…………………….
      how many godzillas are in there


      Got everything for this game on sale for $16.. If you are looking into getting this wait will its on sale.. and be sure to optimize your settings, its amazing.

      and to think this game has the same character creation it had since EA pre-Alpha all they ever added was hair

      When does ark come out

      who else is hype for a dragon tame

      So is this attached to the main map or is it a different map entirely?
      best trailer ever
      KARAIO Q FODA, Triste n ter um pc bom e dindin kkk
      If only the game was as good as it shows
      I think I prefer aberration because it gives me a Metroid feel and it’s much more unique than extinction. I still like extinction but I prefer aberration as a map.
      If a Dinosaur and Optimus Prime had a baby, this is what it’d look like
      First!!!!holy shit!!!

      did anyone get a slight Game of Thrones vibe from this like Daenerys and her dragons?
      does this DLC have new guns
      They must be playing this on Nasa’s computers.


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