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      This movie was awesome

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      I found this movie exciting and creative. Love all the characters and the little creature Pickett. It was a little dark but still a fantastic movie. Can’t wait to see more using boxxy software!.

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      The fact they put the same Grindelwald in Deathly Hallows Part 1 in this movie in the Mirror of Erised is simply refreshing..

      Can’t wait to see this!!

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      The part they don’t show you is where one of his personalities breaks out of prison every week and becomes an assassin that can bend bullets around corners.

      it ends at 2:23

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      Omg omg!!! Do you know how Dumbledore looked in the mirror of erised and said he sees socks.. wtf no he saw Grindelwald !!!!!.
      If they’re doing Pensive flashbacks, I really hope we get to see the first duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald where Ariana was killed.
      1:00 that was a really slow action followed by a slow reaction. Really felt that he could have avoided the bearhug

      I have watched this 38 times. Many times at 0.25 Speed. If this is an illness I DON’T WANT THE CURE. presses play

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      I’m fucking Confused…can someone tell me if this movie has something to do with Harry Potter’s Story?, or is it a whole NEW different story?… it had the same theme though, written by J.K Rowling and even Hogwarts was mentioned. :|.
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      Grindelwald’s greatest crime? That 1980’s Brian Bozworth haircut.
      I dont know why is everyone relating leta lestrange to bellatrix lestrange because they are only conected through marrige. Bellatrix is married to rodolphus lestrange and leta is his maybe grandmother or grandaunt or something and bellatrix is from the black family (Sorry for bad english).
      Just came back from the 7:00 showing at the movies and I can just say… critics were wrong, as usual. This film is an amazing sequel and although it’s nothing like you’ll expect, Shyamalan did a good job 👏🏼.

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      truly respect JK Rowling to create this. just watched it yesterday and… worth it! amazingly amazing.
      Isn’t that Stephen Hawking?
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      No, but listen: Newt and the Doctor! Me wants that please!

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      I just saw the movie, it was fun to watch but still l wasn’t that impressed, it would be much better and interesting if she had made a movie with Voldemort and the begining of Hogwarts❤️.
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      we want alfonso cauron directed fantastic beasts
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      Johnny Depp 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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      i think the woman who says you never met a monster you couldn’t love is Leda Lestrange
      This looks awful….
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      00:56 Why Bruce Willis touch his head ?
      Dunn needs to actually learn how to fight..
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      Lost Warrior
      Dunn is tougher and possibly stronger than the beast, but the beast is faster and much more agile..
      GIass fiIm avaiIabIe at: 0nIy be seen in certain countries! Unglaublicher… film ! ! Sehr..zu empfehlen…es auszuprobieren ! !
      I didn’t know that Joe Weller was the main actor in this…
      Damn this is directed badly… Shamalan why?
      Welcome to 3D Beast Porno! You know what they say, everything is possible in the 3D world and the action is fierce.
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      Anyone here after watching the movie?
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      i almost slept during the movie. it was hella boring
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      Kevin, David, Elijah. Died. The end 😊
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