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      ➝➔➜ STREAM The LEGO Ninjago Movie ⬅⟵←


      DanTDM Must See This 1:49 and Put Zane In Jail

      We need a big fig of the panda

      The evil warlords want to blow up san diego and destroy California, this was foreshadowimg 

      is this a new season?

      nya and kai is anguing

      My favorite moment its that sensei is Jackie Chan, and that he was doing action design , he’s my idol 😍

      Garmadon:facetimes lloyd Lloyd: yea dad Garmadon: what do you want Lloyd:you dialed me Garmadon:hmm I must have butt dialed you.

      The Zane Dab

      Kai = scorpion

      I can’t wait for the new season

      This is so good 😁

      Jay is probably the most accurate of the tv shows counterpart

      Really cool i like this lego super fun to watch i like it 😄😄😄
      They’re sO CUTE I LOVE THEM
      WU HAS NO POWER BUT HE IS THE MASTER AND LLOYD TOO FIND THE DIFFERENTS 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠LIKE IF YOU FOUND.
      Awesome tell the warner bothers plzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Garmadon:general number one give me some outtakes…. (ahhhhhhhh)
      Looks dum
      It’s a great movie if you don’t compare it with the show (series)
      1:10 not so kid friendly
      There is a mistake because they blame lloyed for his dad’s actions
      At 17:21 there is a picture of unkitty
      I lave you😘😍😘😍😘😍
      So sad that this is Julian’s last outing as Lloyd. :P
      They ruined Zane’s innocence… 1:48 #DABPOLICE

      Justice League guys, relax. The trailer drops today. You don’t have to worry too much. I understand that, and we want to see what Joss has done to the film. I totally understand. But I personally feels it’s very rude to complain about the trailer not out because Warner Bros. Doesn’t just make DC films. They make so many other films, so you can wait a few more hours for the trailer patiently and calmly. Anyways, how is everybody’s day?.
      I saw the movie on Setember 23 I see this over and over again.This video it’s just I LOVE THIS!!
      thanks for this episode
      First! Can’t Wait!
      I feel like the Lego ninjago movie will make fans mad. *coughs*. They got so much of the material wrong from the original series that it kind of makes me want to correct them by yelling. I let it go with the Lego batman movie because it was funny but you don’t mess with my ships and my bae Zane..
      I like ninjago my favorite character is nya
      JL pleeeaaase. I can’t wait more… I finished with my nails.
      baby:goo goo ga ga burps on lloyds face lloyd:beatiful… :p
      The Ninja Have Defeated The Skeletons, The Serpentine, The Great Devourer, The Stone Warriors, The Nindroids, The Anacondrai Warriors, The Ghosts, The Sky Pirates, And The Hands Of Time And Their Vermilion Warriors. But How Can They Defeat This New Enemy, The Coffee Shop?.
      those of you who don’t know this is before hands of time also to those who don’t like it just… shhh
      Beautiful Days
      Justice league
      Wu: How did Nya get so giant? Jay: She ate to much? Wu: Ok tell her to go on a diet. Wu: And where’s Lloyd? Jay: In Nya’s stomach. Lloyd drank the diet tea. He’ll make it out the other side though..
      you must be silent…. but deadly. 😐
      Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Free Mojo
      im Jennifer_black im using my dad’s phone and i also think that Nya and Jay are SO SO SO CUTE together!!!!!!
      Eu achei que era o trailer de Justice League
      Zana just said despacito omg and he dab


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