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      ➔➟➞ STREAM Band Aid ⟸⟵⇦


      That’s funny, my girlfriend tries to start arguments with me, my response to that is: arguing is what stupid people do who don’t have an effective way to communicate..
      best Xmas song ever x
      So not done – feed the world.
      Real pizza or prop pizza
      Download Love the Most Part 1 Watch Here kickass.


      what a token…💖💖💖

      Danke Katya, für dieses Musikvideo. Es hat sich nicht viel geändert, mit dem Elend in der Welt. Frohe Weihnachten for all 🎄🎅❄⛄🎄

      you could cut through a safe with her nose.

      i need your help plz

      poor george

      she is fine

      But I like the artists because I love the 80s and Im sixteen.

      it’s like torturing a seal

      GREATEST Christmas song EVER put together… PERIOD!!! Boy George at the :45 second is absolutely AWESOME!!!!

      Bono and U2 were justing getting started.
      omg geoge michael and simon le bon.. sting! bono!
      The most known christmas song next to Silent Night (Mariah Carey, Mahalia Jackson, Michael Bolton), White Christmas (Bing Crosby), Mary’s Boy Child (Boney M., Mahalia Jackson, Harry Belafonte) and Winter Wonderland (Kim Wilde, Johnny Mattis)..

      Boy George..never realised til 45 yes old ho good he was on this!!!
      Love this song. The best one of all the three that were released around that time which included Tears Are Not Enough and The USA for Africa song.
      I don’t expect any comments back on this but I am biblically speaking! It’s just amazing at the efforts that we’re put together by Rock Aid, Hear N Aid, and Band Aid back in the 80’s! This was back in a generation when people still had hearts! I’ve seen about 20 or more organizations go belly up in the 90’s up to today that have promised to help people but selfishly pocketed the money! these bands and people didn’t care about time or money or anything for that matter! they gave their all and actually gave the money that was raised to the people that needed it! in today’s world people wonder why their success is short lived or they are constantly bombarded by the paparazi or they are here today gone tomorrow, these groups that actually gave have had continued success, their overly platinum because God saw fit that they we’re blessed for their actions in giving and really giving! the people of today are cursed because they aren’t of the giving nature! their sociopathic selfish rude and what have you! their album sales drop and their success dimenishes quickly… those very small amount of people who do give today are blessed! I don’t care if some of these groups of the 80s their music is somewhat risque they still out rank the groups of today and their music is still very much so in high demand! recently went to a kiss tribute concert and their was about 4 generations singing along and dancing to the music! even as dark as the groups kiss and wasp etc etc are God still blesses them because they give! gave! and without hesitation! Good job guys!.


      This song STILL gives me chills. So much time has passed and, yet, so little has changed. We try. Still we try…….

      man at 1:22 , that’s the best part of the song imo, great duo!
      EPIC CHRISTMAS TUNE!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
      30 Year Anniversary Today… God Bless Them
      To think… Freddie Mercury wanted to be there… but just could not make it in time… how epic would that have been, considering Queen’s domination of the Live Aid show? Freddie’s vocals?! Hot damn. Merry Christmas..
      Of course they gave sting the line that had the word sting in it.
      Band Aid 1984 is still the best…..
      África um POVO tão Carente, Sofrido e esquerido pela história! Maravilhos artistas que tentam mudar algo ao redor. Bons anos 80
      Dummes Lied
      Back when Bono wasn’t the big cheese…

      Still powerful and relevant. Help however you can, even if it’s spare change to a local charity. So much talent on this original version. Btw, I remember hearing Boy George almost missed this. He was in New York at the time sleeping until someone woke him up saying You’re already supposed to be there! I understand George never moved so fast. Got on the next Concord to barely make it in time..
      Chills people I’M telling you now.
      Oooo good cast and good supporting. Will see for Zoe-She’s great. She reminds me of Brittany Ashley a lot. Great sense of humor..

      30 yrs after and I still get chills hearing it . Amazing song amazing singers the whole lot !! 
      The greatest  gathering of British Artist of the 80’s and till now it brings good memories and proud to be growing up in the 80’s..
      What 599 Scrooges un-liked this unbelievable song and video? Why not just click nothing?
      Don’t . ever . change . your. nose !
      we all were so young…

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