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      DOWNLOAD:STREAM Death of a Nation


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      Thank you Dinesh! I, myself, is an immigrant. I applaud you for a tremendous wealth of historic information around your belt of America. I came here as a legal immigrant. I know I am so blessed and grateful to be here. I give God All the glory and the honor for giving me the opportunity to in the greatest country in the world..

      It’s amazing to listen to a man who was born, raised, and educated in the upper class of the caste system of India make a living writing, speaking and lecturing about the injustices committed by other races in other countries. At this moment there are hundreds of millions of his own people suffering from social and political discrimination..

      Allucee Where Can Stream Genres Horrors Short Death Of A nations

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      God bless America- from Northeast India

      “The most dangerous ideas are not the ideas that are argued, but the ones that are assumed.” -C. S. Lewis
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      The Republic

      Mind blown. Started at Ron Paul > Ben Shapiro > Dave Rubin > Larry Elder > Thomas Sowell > Milo (yes even him) > Jordan Peterson. now this. So the Democrat is basically turning citizens into slave of the government..
      Liberals are idiotic, conservatives are ignorant. America has become a nation of extremes, no middle ground. You are either a baby killer or a mysoginistic pig, a communist or a puppet of the 1%. And Dinesh, of course, is only looking to make a quick buck out of all this lunacy..

      The parts Dems Never want to talk about….

      allucee where can stream genres horrors short death of a national
      15:38 Caller DECIMATED lmao
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      Wow…what an utterly terrible movie. Yes, while there are many historic facts, the director seems to believe that the parties are still like this today. Here’s the thing, nothing is set in stone, things change all the time. And the political parties of CENTURIES ago are not the same as the parties of today. And that BS about the director being framed and sent to prison…yeah, there’s no frame about it. He broke the law! God this movie is insulting. And I’m a Republican..

      Jesus, these Democrat callers are just as ignorant as you would think
      Best Movie of the century!
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      What Trump is doing is something we have never seen in our lifetimes. Yes, Reagan also cut taxes but Reagan cut taxes at a time that high-paying, living wage jobs were fleeing this nation en masse and being replaced by low paying, often temporary employment. Our nation has been on a downward spiral ever since. Trump on the other hand has combined aggressive tax cuts with the return of high paying manufacturing jobs. For the first time in our lifetimes there are more jobs than people to fill them. Given the rules of supply and demand, wages are on the rise. We now have the hope that living wages will be restored to families in the near future meaning a single wage earner will be able to support his/her entire family. What a hope! For those liberals that don’t understand how capitalism works, let me ask you this: Which do you think brings in greater revenue –taxing a few wealthy people at a 90% tax rate or millions and millions of new workers at 20%? Which scenario leads to economic heat death and which to never-ending hope for human aspiration?.

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      What do they mean what if their goal is to steal America? It’s not a what if, they are stealing America. They want an entire new world order and they have to take down the biggest power in the world in order to do it..
      One of the most articulate speakers I have ever heard & one of the most knowledgeable. Based on my experience (73yrs) everything he said is true.
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      I’ll be in line to watch this with my family to day it opens. Can’t wait!!
      fucking retarded libtards crying over trump hes only in office for a max of 8 years and libtards think its the end of the world retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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