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      DOWNLOAD #WATCH Lance Lizzardi

      wow-what brand of nesting pans are those, Bob? i want some!
      How much ? $ ?
      Lance truck camper was a LEMON for us…microwave oven broke.1st trip..2nd trip water faucet broke.3rd trip hot water pressure valve broke.4th trip water faucet again …5th trip light in rear of camper broke..6th trip bathroom under sink cabinet latch broke 7th trip generator was so loud You couldn’t use it … We were done $40.000.traded it in for a Motorhome now we have to sell our home to pay it off .. $80.000…and it’s not a top of the line…but so far way better than a Lance! !!!!.
      I love that they have an oven. Who ever thought that replacing a gas oven with a convection oven is crazy. Nothing like a toasty breakfast from the oven which also heats up the early morning chill. I use my oven in my Class C every day when on the road. Pizza, muffins, pies…comfort food to make camping fun. It’s an essential. Also always go for a good size refrig. If you are out boon docking you’ll appreciate a well stocked kitchen. I do wish manufacturers would get off the crazed swirl graphics on the outside.. Neutral, keep it neutral….

      You saying you can tow this with Jeep how about Renegade? Or at least Compass? Cherokee or Wrangler?.

      The bathroom looks tiny

      How comfortable would it be in Canada in the winter? Good for you if you live in a warm climate. On top of that what a daunting task with children involved..

      As a teen who is wondering what to do with his life, is living in a trailer comfortable? I have a lot of gadgets (Gaming pc, + monitor + tv, and I need wifi). Will RV’s/Travel trailers come with wifi or have the ability of wifi installation?) (I’m currently living in Cali, rent for a rv spot is expensive, so would it be cheaper in different states? Great video by the way. That view looks amazing out that window..

      Thanks Bob, always appreciate the effort you put in to your informative videos

      looks great

      25K for a cool door magnet… Shaky table… Overpriced by 10K!

      What a warm hearted family ❤️ I’m about to start our trailer living with my husband and 2 year old daughter. So many adventures to come ahead of us :)

      Any lack of storage issues could be solved by using a 4×4 pickup to tow with a cap over the bed. If you want to go somewhere the trailer can’t, disconnect, and take the truck way off road for a night and sleep in the bed (air mattress?). A truck cap might improve the aerodynamics by moving the airstream up higher before it hits the trailer = better mpg’s? This trailer and the truck camper you looked at are both super cool in my opinion, but are significantly smaller than your class A…can the both of you really downsize that small and still be comfortable? Good luck searching…enjoying the quest..
      $25k????? Ummmmm No thank you….. You could build that for 1/6 that price..

      It has the same build quality as the $13-15K models from other manufactures.

      We Like You Mrs Yaya

      I think this trailer would be too small for you 3 …..

      Guys, calm down. This thing is $10k at the next RV show. (Ok maybe $12k)
      Not a good window design. Imagine having to close the windows at night- Have to open the screen to access closing a window. All the bugs on the screens are now inside the trailer!.
      Very nice well thought out travel trailer. I like it.
      I paid $25,000.00 for my first home 18 yrs. ago… LOL That trailer is nice size for a week end get away… If I asked my wife to live in something that small she’d say bye bye… We lived in a 24 footer with our 2 small boys back in 1987 and it was tight… But even with the two of us for full time we’d need at least a 27 foot witch give you usually a nice queen bed and still just enough room to move around… BUT my wife ain’t able to retire just yet… I retired in 2009… I’m still waiting for her… teaches to of married a younger lady 39 years ago… LOL,LOL,LOL.
      Missing Amazon links.
      First thing to go in our new trailer was the mattress. The factory supplied ones are usually cheapo and uncomfortable.
      I’d like to have a wet bathroom that big.
      Good luck. How do they support themselves financially?
      Do they have covered under belly’s
      Great video sir
      Small Travel trailers seem to always be overpriced
      That’s the life….. :)
      Over priced!
      Love the idea of the Privacy screen that is pull UP and the incets screen that is sliding Down. However, isn’t it better to have a Convection + Microwave combo oven, much more Energy & Space efficient? And, I just LOVE your presentation it is Clear Smooth and Attention to some over sight details that others (presenters) usually missed. Love it..
      Not sure where this really small stuff is coming from? Living small is one thing living in a cubical is another. Seems to be the rage on fulltime YouTube’s.. as always Best Regards.
      Awesome trailer! Just wondering what they use as a tow vehicle.
      I agree way overpriced but the layout is pretty cool but I won’t buy it too expensive.
      Was there a closet for hanging clothes? Didn’t see 1.
      Very cool. Nice to see humble people willing to show us inside their lives.
      I have a 2017 1475 and while the materials and floorplan are great, there is a major design flaw in my opinion. The roof is installed below the level of the sidewalls and the front cap is higher than the roof as well. This means that rainwater will pool on the entire roof to a depth of almost 1/2 which invites leaks, which I have already had. Lance says the roof is fine and that I should be sure to keep up the seals. I say design the roof properly so that pooling water isn’t a concern..
      the only problem that i see is the lack of batteries for solar panels
      Where is the bathroom sink?
      The cost ?
      A nice rig nice people and very neat for 5 persons and it is extendable! Maybe this rig is suitable for me. Thanks for sharing.

      Too many windows…gives zombies more entry points to get at you. Unless i can get one of these with steel shades.
      saw you guys in a clip on the Travel Channel for Big Time RV. Are you guys featured in an episode? and do you have any idea whether that show got cancelled or not? We watched that show every week, but it seems that they stopped season 3 after 8 episodes..
      Watch Movie Fishbowl California Mojo
      I think I can work with this size rv. It has all the good sizes for tiny home. But wonder is propane tank under bed window smells or have any issues? What do you think?.

      Love this.
      Should have duel propane tanks, one your hooked to and using and one that’s full so you can switch to when you run out in the middle of the night or during the grill out. Two batteries as well to double your amp hours for boon docking. The two swivel chairs is the absolute best idea I have seen in a camper this size. I hate the uncomfortable diner seating in most campers. Oven is nice. I would want a 5000 lb towing capacity vehicle to feel safe for any of the smaller campers that are around 2500-3000 lbs….

      $25,000?! geez

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