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      Pretty girl ruined grandpa.

      This movie not good he a stalker

      Not oceans 8. Not Ghostbusters reboot. Not the next rocketeer or even Indiana Jones 6. Just this..

      This is somehow more Generic than Transformers while also being much less entertaining. Can’t wait for it to vanish.

      I feel like this is going to be like the Max Steel movie really good

      Swing between neighbors
      Viola and Liam….uau!!!
      Can’t wait for this to come out!! 😍Amazing actors/actresses! EPIC 🙌🏾
      Must watch….FABULOUSSSSS!!!!!
      Omg…I read a book like this and always wonder if it would ever make it to movie status…viola is the perfect choice for the main character in the book.
      This should’ve been the real ocean eleven reboot
      keren…. abis……


      This looks amazing, the cast is so amazing and come on. It’s directed by Steve McQueen what else is there to say? Well that and Viola Davis and Liam neeson are in the same scene together..

      Just wow..

      So assuming this is a modern remake of the original British TV series Widows (by Lynda La Plante), seeing as the plot basis is the same, and the name Rawlins is the main protagonists (Harry Rawlins, Veronica was Dolly in the TV series)..

      I wouldnt watch this movie on netflix…overracting, bad script and all.

      Aliens With Knives
      what kind of cheezy bs is this…

      This movie look amazing
      I think I heard on npr today that it is on netflix
      is this based on the old british mini series?
      Did I just see a trailer for a female led movie based off an original idea and not just copying the male version of the film?.
      A Song for Christmas Download Movie megavideo Solarmovie
      Man I feel stupid watching these stupid movies they keep making.
      Female lead is 32 years old and the male lead is 61 years old..?.???
      I Love Viola Davis
      Just look at that face! Not hesitate to say good bye (at the mall)
      So, it’s prediction time again folks… I almost missed this one. A personal shout out to the YouTuber that turned me onto this film. This is #13 on my feminist films of 2018 I predict to flop… Onto the list… Here’s the line-up so far… 1) Proud Mary (flopped) 2) Annihilation (flopped) 3) Red Sparrow (flopped) 4) A Wrinkle in Time (flopped) 5) I Feel Pretty (flopped) 6) Deadpool 2 (Success) 7) The Spy Who Dumped Me (flopped) 8) Darkest Minds (flopped) 9) Ocean’s 8 (💰) 10) Breaking in (This is the 1st one on this list to rake in the 💰) 11) The Girl in the Spider’s Web (???) 12) Peppermint (???) 13) Widows (???) Let’s wait and see..
      Can we be friends?
      Preferred the original and the book to this version. It was just a case of waiting for the reappearance of Liam neeson later in the film. As a fan of McQueens work this left me cold..
      Can someone reassure me about that car scene after the funeral of Liam Neeson? Why the discussion was shot in a very irritating way? Only seeing half of the car while the conversation is happening? I thought it was a very poor attempt at trying to shoot that scene in an unconventional way while 99.9% of the movie’s directing was conventionnal all the way along. Plus, there were good informations spoken in this scene but at the same time you had visuals that distracted from the content….
      It’s a nice movie I loved it and those who are saying it’s bad, they have watched it.
      This movie sucked. Was the whole movie you just saw and he ended up killing the abuser and his wife left him and so did the neighbour lady.
      22 years later starring Cleo’s mrs
      i thought this was a bio pic about Axl Rose. how disappointing…...
      Shaggy and scooby doo in 2020

      vision after loosing infinity stone
      Man am so happy seeing Jon Bernthal getting some more recognition, he deserves a solo movie


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