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      Was the Jim from the “office” he looks like Jim
      The watch full movies and it wass awesome I am from India
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      All the ways Bird Box is like A Quiet Place – CNET
      LoL If the Shotgun is the solution to kill the monster why they didn’t do it earlier hahahahaha

      That used to be Kevin McAllister old house
      United States National Radio Quiet Zone -.

      When she loads the shotgun BAM

      Thanks for watching! Love y’all! Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications!

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      He didn’t scream on purpose he screamed because he stepped on a lego
      all I care about is… are there boobies?
      so I just watched this movie myself .. and it was a damn good movie .. I myself cried when the father died that was heartbreaking but once the end came that was amazing .. i’m glad I didn’t listen to all the nay sayers comments on here or I would’ve missed out . the trailer definitely doesn’t do it any justice 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 WATCH THIS MOVIEEEE lml.
      Da mal nachts im Schlaf Einen Fahren lassen…
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      a quiet place take 6
      I saw this movie when it first came out and I totally recommend it. If you want to see it, it’s out in red box.
      Wait what if someone had a cold and coughed?
      Lol did they just use headphones to make a sexy sound
      Good job by the grl who really cannot hear….
      A Quiet Place (2018) – A Quiet Place (2018) -.
      I really hope the entire movie is done with zero dialogue.
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      Not a fan of thumbnail. Reminds me of the word moist. Just cringey.
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      You could say A Quiet Place is like Bird Box, but with people who can’t talk or make noise. And Bird Box is like A Quiet Place, but with people who can’t look at certain things..

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      All these reviews but the movie ain’t even out yet.

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      At least this movie is way better than bird box

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      rift in a quiet place
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      Biohazard 8

      quiet place,,,,you cant make noise,,,bird cage you cant see….whats next movie,,, The fart… cant smell or your dead.

      Ok so all you can hear while watching this is the guy that’s eating the popcorn.
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      When she gave birth quietly while there were killing creatures right in the other room was crazy! Good movie about 4 stars for me. Recommend but only issue is I wanted to get a story behind the creatures…what are they where did they come from…kind of lazy on the writers of movie part..
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      hears leaf crunch goes super saiyan
      Alsooo… ist das dann sozusagen ein Stumm-Film?.
      Venoms redneck blind cousins
      That would be me all the way
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      is that Jim from the office I’m shook 😍 he still hot tho
      I want to watch that movie that ellen is it It well be so fun to watch😀😀😂

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      How do they shower like the water makes noise so they probably smell bad
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      Play Ali-a’s intro bass boosted 678000x
      2:19 the girl was a great actor and all, but is unacceptable, she looks like she is trying to fake sleeping
      TV and Movies John Krasinski doesn’t want 400 machine guns in A Quiet Place sequel. The writer, actor and director doesn’t want his hit horror film to turn into a franchise.
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      *puts best scenes on title* *Shows a death of a child first*
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      I guess there’s more background noise when theyre outside, so leaves are fine
      It was a nice movie, Something different. Recomend it!!!!
      You drew eye-less creatures with eyes, also the creatures might just think the yelling voice is just the water or something like that Edit: also I don’t know if the humans would be able to defeat them because it’s 3 creatures in just their area so there could be more and if these creatures don’t eat their victims then they could trample through crowds or even cities in minutes especially if there was more than 1.

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      If this was real.. Me: I have cough… So I am already dead :’)
      Attack of the clichés
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      So they dont fart….?
      Movie ‘A Quiet Place’ was released in April 5, 2018 in genre Drama. John Krasinski was directed this movie and starring by Emily Blunt. This movie tell story about A family live an isolated existence in utter silence, for fear of an unknown threat that follows and attacks at any sound..
      It would have been fun if Jim Halpert would have played a prank on one of those monsters, like he did on Dwight. Maybe encasing one of them in jello..
      John Krasinski doesn’t want 400 machine guns in.


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