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      ➔➜➔➜ WATCH ~ STREAM You Were Never Really Here ⟵⇦⟵⇦


      Trueee @ 56:16
      Hotline Miami is becoming a genre of film
      It premiered at the 70th Cannes Film Festival in competition,[2][3] where Lynne Ramsay won the Best Screenplay award and Joaquin Phoenix won the award for Best Actor.[4]
      holy shit so hype for this film, should be a movie version of hotline Miami
      This shows the truth about our modern world, when a comedian take off your own mask, and show the truth that we don’t have a good reasons to laugth anymore, or to do funny movies. All that’s rest to us, it’s melancholic movies of melancholic comedian’s..
      Excellent trailer. Makes me curious.
      Joker ?
      Taxi Driver , Leon , Drive and this and I cant wait
      Oh that’s all we need more violence.

      Let me guess…movie that basically runs along the lines of human trafficking ring or weird cult like NXIVM….art imitating life?.
      Best Actor in Hollywood (bettter than Daniel Day-Lewis) i said… I love Joaquin so much always makes me cry and smile =)
      Saw the movie in France. Visually stunning and amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix. To bad it doesn’t come out this year in the US because it could have been nominated for some Oscars I guess IMO. The best film of Cannes 2017 with Good Time..
      shit’s looking good
      What Jimmy no more comedy!!? So does Jim Carrey introduce cocaine to his girlfriend give her an STD only to have her end up killing herself in at the end of this new thriller movie..
      Song is Peter Pan Death Wish by Melkeveien
      Really good documentary
      80 minutes long, yet even with that short length it contains several lengthy segments of absolutely nothing of interest happening — closeups of Joe looking sad, an idiotic artsy segment of him underwater in a lake, shopping at the convenience store..SUCKS.

      He was really going bald toward the end, wasn’t he.

      I saw this movie from start to end through the end credits… and… I just want to hit the repeat button…. Love it too death..

      00:53 Hotline New York

      I love you Arturo

      I bet this isn’t out yet do you know how II know? because it looks good
      Could be more Taxi Driver meets Taken.

      Be prepared for a REALLY bad’ve been warned!

      Watch You Were Never movie youtube…
      I could stare at his eyes for hours.
      Sadly, this won’t get a single Oscar nomination.
      What.. the.. hell.. is.. that.. accent..
      looks creepy as fk…..gotta check this one out

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