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      always gives me gusbumbs
      this movie is trash, merlin gets drunk and forgets where he put the staff of life. they just make these movies for revenue, not for people who actually follow the series. the movies with sam witwiki where the best. these movies went hella downhill. CGI looks nice tho.
      By far the best Trailer for 2016 :D
      MaYBE 1/5/2019 7:51AM

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      Only thing I’m confused about is why megatron is in it. He was resurrected as a new transformers called galvatron.
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      Transformers: The last night
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      Autobots win
      I don’t care what people say, this was one of the best movies ever created.
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      wahlberg saved the franchsie after shitty chicago battle bs!
      And… the trailer was more epic then the movie…
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      at 2:00 put captions English (auto generated) and read what it says

      Michael Bay sure loves explosions 😐

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      I can’t wait till part 2 comes out go batman

      Nice music, comedy, action, great cast, hopefully a good story….Just can’t wait anymore…I am grooooot:).

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      no se ustedes, pero esta pelicula dbe llamarse Humanos: el ultimo caballero…. con cameo de los transformers.

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      there a new for a new movie in 2019 godzilla king of the monsters
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      Transformers 1: So basically we were lead to Planet Earth with the only Transformers being here before us is Megatron so basically we don’t know Shit about Earth Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: So basically it turns out that the Ancient Transformers were here for at least ever since like Ancient Egypt Transformers Dark of the Moon: So basically we also know that after the War on Cybertron apparently like one of our ships crashed on the moon and supposedly that’s why NASA sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. Transformers Age of Extinction: So basically…….Um…..We’re really starting to run out of ideas so we were in Earth ever since Prehistoric Times like Dinosaurs and everything and we also have some sort of thing which can turn everything Metallic Transformers The Last Knight: So basically……Uh…….Um…….now we really did run out of Idea’s and we uh…..Um……TRANSFORMERS ARE THE BIGGEST PART OF HISTORY..

      one last ride……. until F&F 9

      Megatron hella look like Ultron now…

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      gonna watch this film only because of groot

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      I don’t understand how can they continue the franchise while one of the main charectars has died 2 years ago.
      I dont know abouth this movie.All movies at there time where bether :\This movie has nice graphic but story and the conversation were bad… Film is made like from a more parts just slamed one on other so I fill just a litle that this move was a waist of my time and I fell very sad because I growed whit transformers and now they make good loking fill mut rubish story.Pls next time focus just a little more on a story line not just on a graphics..
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      Tüyap fuar
      don’t know wtf happened to this movie but they clearly changed things. that scene with megatron and prime looks a good bit different in the film.

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      Guys I know Crosshairs and Drift was in the Movie Right. I saw hound Died… im just saying maybe Crosshairs and Drift died they Killed bye Megatron and even Bumblebee they keep saying Bumblebee will Die in the Movie… Well Lets Just Find Out….

      transformers the last knight

      The ending and groot will make me wanna watch this movie
      the parody looks like a great movie
      I think when they made superman serious it made comic lovers dislike the film
      SPOLER ALERT: Optimus Prime save earth
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      lol one last ride sure lol and my name is goku
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      What would make this movie the best is if every character from every movie came together to fight. LIKE IF AGREE

      fast and furious turned into the saint row series, I mean C’mon wtf is this, your gna watch once and not watch it again. EEVER
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      Quien conoce al mejor rapero del mundo llamado JUDINY
      fast and furious is not fast and furious wihout Paul Walker
      transformers: the last knight movie
      Furious 7: One last ride Furious 8: Just one more ride Furious 9: This time is serious, this is the last… Furious 10: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!


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