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      ➟▶ STREAM ~DOWNLOAD Cassandro, the exotico ←⇦


      Irumbu Thirai.

      Que buen documental, me da mucho gusto que estén guardando nuestro folklore en estos documentales. Saludos y felicidades. :D.
      la cassandro se parece al trump.

      Miscelanea Una Serie Que Nunca Me Pierdo 😉
      Does anyone know the name of the music Cassandro uses as his theme?
      Ah como me late esta morra

      Me imaginé a cassandro con pepe y teo

      Konnan, Hulk Hogan of Mexico, I mean maybe? He had a great body, can’t wrestle well and spent sometime being the top draw. Only problem was his time on top was what? Two years, maybe three years top. Konnan didn’t have a long enough run, he got big because people felt bad for him getting unmasked and then he fought Jake the Snake. Yet you could say El Hijo de Santo was a way bigger star than Konnan at the time. So yeah. I don’t know if there is a Hulk Hogan of Mexico, Maybe Mil Mascaras. But I’ll tell you want, if you compare El Santo to anyone, it’s Bruno Sammartino. El Santo in Mexico is the biggest star in history, and Sammartino is the only US wrestler that was bigger than Hulk Hogan. So I’d say, El Santo=Bruno, Mil Mascaras=Hulk Hogan, Konnan=Bill Goldberg (both short runs), yeah..

      la neta que buenos reportajes caon los felicito VICE

      jaja siempre tiene que decir que pendejadas me hacen hacer.

      He isn’t a bad wrestler would have been interesting to see him in TNA at the time.

      buen contenido como siempre vice!

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