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      connecting with the dead
      Well kiddies, this is the end of The Walking Dead for me. It’s been a sweet couple of years. Of course it’s had it’s up’s and down’s, but at least I was there when my man Negan came in and now I’ll be there only for Rick. As of this moment, next Sunday is the SERIES finale of TWD. To all the other fans, see ya around the bend..

      Bet meggie doest kill negan……the saviors should of stayed at the sanctuary lol…….Michonnes is gonna slice everyone up.

      If rick turned he would want to take his own life like Carl did and Maggie and Daryl wouldn’t really do anything based on how close they are to him and michonne wouldn’t kill Maggie lol she’d probably not talk to her lol but definitely not kill her 😂.

      as soon as Rick is gone Im gonna stop watching it! smh
      how do i communicate with the dead

      Twd would of been so much better if it ended at season 5, most of the actors are leaving the show it’s dead and they are milking the series

      There’s no good ending to this show now. AMC wanted to drag it out with no plan of coming to a conclusion and people lost interest. and now that all the actors want out too their going to have to rush the ending. So much potential wasted….

      I didn’t watch all of the seasons and wait years for rick to die

      he killed that walker and wasnt bit but stabed as the horse sent him flying and all the people rush out to kill the herd.

      Where the hell is Maggie and the King
      The walking dead is dead without Rick. R.I.P

      Imagine rick dies in season 9 then waking up from koma (again) but the whole story was just a komadream

      Daryl did have an argument and fight with Rick, but it doesn’t comes to the extent that Daryl want to stab Rick.. They just punch and quarrel over Daryl knowing something and didn’t tell Rick. Maggie’s heading off to Alexandria to do something about someone over there (not Michonne, the other guy). Rick didn’t dies being stabbed by either Daryl or Maggie. Instead, something happens..

      living with the dead
      Why would Daryl stab Rick? It makes no sense! It has to be left open so Rick can return someday! ❤️👍😀😊.
      jobs with the dead
      day of the dead headpiece with veil
      photos with the dead
      God, that girl with with the purple hair is ugly as hell
      Daryl hey has lived
      I hate how there marketing it as ricks final episodes
      Glenn hey should have lived
      The governors hench man Martinez hey should have lived

      bracelets with the dead sea

      AMC is destroying this show

      2Shared+Departure+With+the dead sea
      I don’t know who the whispers are because I don’t read the comics
      anyone realized where daryl went after all that
      2shared departure with the dead 2
      This show fell of a cliff

      This show has unfortunately gone to shit! BORING too. I dont know why people still watch it. It has jumped the shark and overstayed its time! LOST Breaking Bad and Game of thrones knew when to end. Just my opinion who loved this show before. I wont watch it to be loyal if I dont like any characters and feel the story has gone down the toilet!.
      What’s the song used?
      books with dead in the title
      Rick didn’t die 😅 he is still alive 😯 thanks to her friend (lady) 😂🤣😂 they call her Anne but for me her name is Jade 😏 she should be one of the enemies of Rick even if Rick gave her a chance to be part of his group 😆 because she betrayed Rick many times 🙄 but I cried for what happened 😭 because I thought Rick died and then Anne/Jade comes 😍 she’s about to leave with the helicopter with a deal with the chopper 😁 she told them that she will pick A that means she’s alone but then when she saw Rick with his bloody messed body 🤩 she told the chopper that she changes her idea to pick B and the chopper told her that if she even betrayed or changes her idea there would be a consiquenses (wrong spell) 😢 but then she saved Rick’s life 😊 I thought that she will be an enemy again 😂🤣😂 but then she is not 🤗 I still love the walking dead even if there are many boring stuffs or what 😏 but there more twists added at Feb. 😄 So more support!!! At THE WALKING DEAD!!!!.
      how to speak with the dead a practical handbook
      living with the dead series
      Thank you Andrew Lincoln for giving us 9 1/2 great years of acting. You truly did an amazing job. I understand his need to be with his family because money can’t replace those precious times you miss while they are growing up. So it has been a pleasure to watch this show and I think this will be my final season as well lol.
      Bro you’re a freaking idiot first of all Daryl would not stabbed Rick number two yes they want you to think that’s Rick as a walker but it’s not Rick and 3 whoever Maggie is killing it’s not Rick and Michonne wouldn’t kill Maggie you’re an idiot LOL.

      dance with the dead vinyl

      Well you are 100% right those were rick shoes

      Rick dies from dynamite

      Oi when is the next episode out

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