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      stream Detroit


      Chicago is worse, trust me
      Hi Marcus, My name is Conor.

      Everybody is talking about racism, I just thought it looks like a really good movie
      I Am Gentrification. Confessions of a Scoundrel Free Watch Torrents PutLocker.
      I remember watching this in 2014 and thinking: That’s so cool! Now Detroit: Become Human came out and I’m thinking: Damn, they changed a lot! (And it’s also kind of funny I saw this a while back and now Detroit: Become Human is one of my favorite games).
      This trailer gave me goosebumps
      This is why we need the Brotherhood of Steel

      Reminds me of the purge 🤙🏾
      I’m sure i saw that she had feelings a year or two ago… EDIT: Im 100% sure i’ve seen this before! EDIT v2: IM SCARED! I’ve seen this before. I’m 29432759124798% sure..
      Was that Cassie from Skins????? Um…like….wow.
      @ 4:22 you can see Alice from the PGW trailer
      I’m scared! Wow…. I feel angry all off a sudden…
      I read some of the comments and they are saying that some countries are worried about this game because of child abuse. From this trailer you are PROTECTING the child not ABUSING her. I swear if this game gets banned in the UK I’m going to protest..
      Last of 2 where are you
      В игре она симпатишней. 🖤
      Welp. Tell me something… 6 YEARS AGO!?!?!? SO YOU’RE TELLING ME DBH WAS PLANNED ON 2002? WHAT IN ZE FUK????.
      im enjoying this game, but why does it spoon feed you so much? it tells you everything your supposed to do.. eye roll.
      2:24 OMG BOOTIFUL IT’S A 10000000 OUT OF 10
      This is going to be a great movie
      Me gusta tiene buena pinta
      Clearly ripping off the British TV show Humans. Hopefully that’ll be the only negative in what looks like a cool game
      A Pepsi would have solved all of this.
      I think it was that guy with the name starting with K which you go to see him with hank as Connor he said he leaves an emergency exit right? Probably this guy was him. He let those androids be deviants.
      I already watched this last saturday and I was just like Yawn Yawn Yawn It was just so damn Okay.. I’m not saying that this movie is not good and I’m not looking down this movie.. I like it! Specially the Effects! But the Story is really COMMON! .. First Optimos was forced by the Queen to join their force to bring back their planet to life and to destroy earth and kill its people and ofcourse Optimos did what the Queen was commanding him to do.. and Fast Forward Then he realized that he was wronged, he choosed the wrong force and he said Earth only and the People of it, Lets me call it HOME Correct me if I’m wrong Haha.. Then They Succeed, they won against the queen.. but at the end they thought the Queen was already dead but they were wrong again.. The Queen Can Change her face into a human like face and body.. I dunno if they will going to make another movie but surely I’m going watch it. I’m looking forward to this...
      I actually have the original Detroit Free Press Newspaper from 1968. My grandma gave it to me. This is going to be a cool movie if they tell the truth..
      diossssss juegazoooo!

      Excelentes gráficas he historia , esperemos no este tan corta la campaña .
      i love the way she says my name is kara! sounds so innocent like a little kid ;____;
      Isn’t this just fueling the hate of blm and justify their hate for the police. Please we don’t need movies like this..
      Damn, that improvement in the character models is awesome.
      Democrats’ legacy – the movie.

      Nobody notice that the house is very similar to the one in Heavy Rain?
      Epic no puedo esperarlo se ve genial :v
      So we’ll be playing as Marcus, Kara and Connor?

      The only thing i don’t like is to see all endings, if i could skip the credits. It would be ok. But it’s a little thing, don’t worry about it. Fantastic game..
      Poor girl 😥😢 ( she is not kara , she is RA9 !????????? ) Please help me 😅

      Wait he is black, isnt he supposed to be a slave no matter if he is a detroit or not?
      Dava avisou, ó aí oq dá criar eles
      Game: “Child abuse is bad.” Media: “This game encourages child abuse!”
      Geez, forgot that was a game for a moment.
      Why cant they make more games that arent in the future


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